EU-X-CT Public Stakeholders’ Forum

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EU-X-CT public stakeholder forum


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The EU-X-CT Public Stakeholders’ Forum on Making cross-border access to clinical trials a reality will take place on 12 April, 2024 in Brussels.

EU-X-CT Public Stakeholders’ Forum 
Making cross-border access to clinical trials a reality 

12 April 2024 | Hybrid | Brussels

The pan-European public-private EU-X-CT Initiative aims at facilitating cross-border access to clinical trials in concrete terms. We are collecting information on the regulatory, ethical, social security and organizational conditions for the involved stakeholders, experiences and best practices in all European countries.  This Public Stakeholder Forum will be the opportunity to jointly review the national conditions for patients, clinical investigators, academia/public funders and industry sponsors in need for cross-border participation of patients in clinical trials. The EU-X-CT gap analysis will be the basis for our panel and open forum discussions to come to conclusions about most efficient European and national strategies and activities for improvements in the near and mid-term future.

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