We work to support the conduct of multinational clinical trials


Support For Multinational Trial Preparation, Protocol Evaluation and Implementation

ECRIN’s main activity is the provision of support for the management of multinational clinical trials. Support is primarily provided during implementation, but also for preparation and protocol evaluation. See the image below for a detailed overview of proposed services. 

While advice and information are freely provided during preparation, access to ECRIN trial management services is subject to scientific and logistical evaluation of the full study protocol. For more information on Conditions of Access, see here.

Additional Activities to Support Multinational Clinical Research

ECRIN is also involved in activities to enhance the ability of European institutions to successfully conduct multi-country clinical research. This can include, for example, the creation and maintenance of tools or databases, or the recognition/certification of high-quality data centres. (Note that these activities may also be done as part of trial management services for specific trials.)

Moreover, ECRIN is involved in infrastructure development projects that aim to further develop the European clinical research community and to facilitate multinational trials.