ECRIN - European Clinical Research Infrastructure Network

About Clinical Trials

What Are Clinical Trials?

Clinical trials are research studies aiming to evaluate the efficacy and safety of innovative treatments, to explore new indications for authorised drugs, or to compare the efficacy and safety of approved healthcare strategies. Clinical trials enrol healthy or sick volunteers and are conducted in several phases. 

Why Clinical Trials?

Clinical trials are a key method to enable evidence-based medicine, allowing medical professionals and authorities to determine whether a treatment works, whether it is better or worse than other treatments and what side effects may occur.

For more information on clinical trials, check out the ECRAN project website

Why Multinational Clinical Trials?

International collaboration is important for clinical research, as it maximises access to patients and leads to faster results. It also enables the sharing of medical and scientific expertise, tools, procedures and costs; increases the applicability of research findings; reduces duplication; and enhances methodological standards. The evidence from multinational trials can support enhanced health policy-making, optimal resource use, and improved patient care across borders.