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PedCRIN Advisory Board

The PedCRIN Advisory Board is a recommending body providing advice and guidance for the development of the project to ensure its high quality and excellence.  It  will  serve  as  an  external  body  providing  the  project  team  with  independent  analysis on the project’s development and  augment  the  dissemination  potential  of  the  project.  They are a valued group of experts who will meet regularly with the project consortium throughout the project duration.

The PedCRIN Advisory Board consists of three members.

Pr Thierry Lacaze

Pr. Thierry Lacaze is a Neonatologist, he received his medical degree from the University Paris 5 - René Descartes in 1993 and a PhD in biological sciences at the University Paris 7 - Pierre et Marie Curie in 1995. He completed a fellowship in Neonatology in 1997 and a Master in Epidemiology in 2000. He was appointed professor of Pediatrics at the University Paris 11 in 1997. Thierry moved to Edmonton, Alberta, in 2003 to become the inaugural director of the Women and Children Health Research Institute (WCHRI) in 2006. In 2010, He was recruited as a senior scientist at the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) Research Institute and was the scientific director of the Clinical Research Unit at CHEO from 2011 to 2015. Since 2016, Thierry is the section head of Neonatology at the Cumming School of Medicine, and the regional program director of Neonatology at Alberta Health Services. His areas of study include clinical trials with an emphasize on medications. He has led the KidsCAN initiative since its inception (2014).


Prof. dr. C.B. (Kit C.B.) Roes

Professor of Methods of Clinical Trials, Julius Centrum, UMC Utrecht. He leads the methodology group as part of UMC Utrecht Clinical Trial Center. His current research focuses on design and analysis of clinical studies, with emphasis on innovative designs and the bridge between clinical trials and "real world evidence". He participates in the Regulatory Science Network Netherlands and Principal Investigator of the Asterix project: Advances in Small Trials for Significant Innovation and eXcellence. He is an advisor to the Medicines Evaluation Board. He has more than 15 years of experience in clinical research and drug development and 10 years of experience in quality improvement and process management in various companies and institutions. He was Vice President of Global Clinical Information at the former Organon, and contributed and developed and registered new drugs in various therapeutic areas.


Pr Régis Hankard

Professor of Pediatrics at the University François Rabelais in Tours. 

Specialized in clinical research, he coordinated the Pediatric activity of the Inserm Clinical Investigation Centers (CIC) of the Robert Debré University Hospital in Paris (1997-2004), the CHU de Poitiers (2004-2013) and coordinated that of the University Hospital of Tours since 2013.He is conducting a translational research activity at the UMR Inserm 1069 "Nutrition, growth, cancer" laboratory of Professor Stéphane Chevalier on innovation in metabolic and nutritional investigations using stable isotopes of nitrogen and carbon.

Since 2010, he has been coordinating annual nutritional assessment campaigns in hospitals, which each year bring together several thousand patients and more than 60 centers in France and abroad (e-PINUT program). He is the coordinating author of the recommendations for the detection of undernutrition in hospitals of the Nutrition Committee of the French Pediatric Society (SFP). Invested in the promotion of training by and research with young pediatricians, he chairs the Inserm-Pediatrics Interface Committee and the Scientific Advisory Board of the SFP (2010-14). Régis has been director of HUGOPEREN since 2017 and coordinates research axis 2 "Nutrition, Metabolism and Endocrinology". He is also the coordinator of PEDSTART-CIC.