Paediatric Clinical Research
Infrastructure Network

International Paediatric Networks

PedCRIN is looking forward to enhancing collaboration with other paediatric networks and organisations across the globe to effectively bridge pediatricians and other partners across Europe (and internationally) to combine resources and expertise to conduct and manage paediatric clinical trials.

The networks and organisations PedCRIN is affiliating with are dedicated to conducting high-quality paediatric clinical research focused on improving children’s health by ensuring that medicines for use in children are of good quality, have been subjected to ethical scientific review and have been authorised by appropriate agencies.


PedCRIN Partners

PedCRIN is initiating contacts with a Canadian network, KidsCANwhich will be a national hub to coordinate research, training and knowledge transfer on the safe therapeutic use of medicines for children. By federating all academic child health centres and their affiliated research institutes, KidsCAN will encourage new processes and practices, new policy approaches and new ways of organising care for children. It will catalyse the development of new research methods and new knowledge transfer tools and will foster collaboration among patients, families, child healthcare institutions, researchers, educators and regulators.