Catarina Madeira

European Correspondent, Portugal

Catarina Madeira is the ECRIN European Correspondent for Portugal. She is focused on coordinating ongoing multinational clinical trials in Portugal and providing support to national clinical investigators preparing clinical studies/projects for European funding.

Catarina is also actively involved in the capacity building activities of ECRIN and the Portuguese scientific partner, PtCRIN.

Previously Catarina worked in the Institute for Biotechnology and Bioengineering in Lisbon as a research scientist in the field of regenerative medicine (RM). She supervised several post-graduation students (MA and PhD) and is (co)author of 30 scientific papers published in peer-reviewed journals. She has been a lecturer in PhD and MA programs in RM and other advanced courses in topics about clinical trials and advanced therapeutic medicinal products (ATMPs).

Catarina received a BA in technological chemistry from Sciences Faculty, a MA and PhD in biotechnology from Instituto Superior Técnico, all from University of Lisbon. She also did a post-graduation program in clinical trials and got a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification from Project Management Institute (USA). 

+351 91 400 67 26