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EU-OPENSCREEN-DRIVE Transnational User Access Open Calls (Chemoproteomics and Screening)

14 June 2019

EU-OPENSCREEN-DRIVE is offering funding for chemoproteomics and small molecule screen projects. 

Chemoproteomics projects call

Under this call EU-OPENSCREEN-DRIVE offers funding to enable transnational access to chemical proteomics and compound disposition study facilities. A total of 6 projects will be selected in two separate calls (scheduled May 2019 and November 2020). Users from institutions within European Member States and Associated countries and up to one user from a Non-EU country will have the possibility to apply to access 7 advanced proteomics facilities across Europe.

Users will be able to submit their proposals for chemoproteomics projects starting from May 3rd 2019 until July, 31st 2019 at 20:00 CET.

Small molecule screening projects call

Under this call, 12 EU-OPENSCREEN-DRIVE partner institutions will each offer one predefined screening technology to external users. Users will be able to submit their proposals for small molecule screening projects starting from June 1st 2019 until September 30th 2019 at 20:00 CET. Learn more here


EU-OPENSCREEN ERIC (EU-OS), the European Research Infrastructure Consortium for Chemical Biology, provides access to a distributed network of national screening and chemistry facilities, a common database, and a central headquarter that manages the joint compound collection and coordinates project flow and training. EU-OPENSCREEN-DRIVE will ensure long-term sustainability of EU-OS operations by promoting measures for i) widening awareness of academia and industry for its services and data, ii) growing capacity and competence in its field across Europe, and iii) completing the management processes needed for a large distributed infrastructure.