Partner Event: EFGCP Annual Conference 2019 Making Clinical Research an Element of Better Healthcare

19 February - 20 February 2019
Brussels, Belgium

The EFGCP Annual Conference 2019 focuses on achieving better integration of clinical research in healthcare.

Many scientific, methodological and regulatory challenges in research and development of treatments for different diseases have been successfully overcome in the past years. However, in order to reach the ultimate ethical objective of ensuring patient centricity in treatment development, changes must be envisaged in our healthcare environment, in clinical research concepts, in the digital environment, in the way stakeholders collaborate, in the healthcare professionals’ knowledge and attitude towards new treatments development, in the requirements of competent authorities and payers, and in funding strategies. 

Conference sessions will include:

•    Clinical trials and novel Research & Development strategies
•    Patient-driven initiatives for a roadmap to health
•    The need for different protocol designs and concepts
•    The optimal use of other available data sources

For more information, visit the EFGCP website