CORBEL Medical Infrastructure Users Forum (MIUF) Meeting (cancelled)

Brussels, Belgium

The next meeting of the CORBEL Medical Infrastructure Users Forum (MIUF) will be held on 6 December 2019 in Brussels.

UPDATE: This meeting has been cancelled due to transportation difficulties.

The main topics will be the progress made so far in building a collaborative framework between medical research communities and pan-European Research Infrastructures, and how to get ready for the future European Open Science Cloud. In particular, the meeting will explore the ways in which the MIUF's work can be continued in the 'EOSC-Life' project (in which ECRIN is also involved). 

The CORBEL MIUF is designed to promote close collaboration, at the pan-EU level, between medical research communities, funding bodies, and medical research infrastructures. In particular, its mission consists of:

  • promoting the establishment of pan-European scientific communities, providing the scientific content and access to patients
  • clearly defining the respective roles of infrastructures vs. scientific communities, avoiding gaps, overlaps and fragmentation
  • capturing the needs of the scientific communities and of the funders in terms of infrastructure services
  • ensuring the appropriate development and deployment of these services by one or multiple research infrastructures

*CORBEL is funded by the H2020 research and innovation programme under GA no. 654248.