ECRIN - European Clinical Research Infrastructure Network

European Research Infrastructures against COVID-19

ECRIN helps and supports the global effort to find a vaccine and a cure for the COVID-19 virus. ECRIN and it’s members are ready and able to provide expert advice and resources for (multinational) clinical trials on COVID-19. And ECRIN works closely together with other European Research Infrastructures to optimize collaboration and to speed up scientific research on SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19. Below an overview of actions taken by other Life Sciences Research Infrastructures:

EATRIS website

Service: Fast access to key services & facilities

Service: Samples, clinical data from biobanks & resources on standards

Service: COVID-19 Fast Response Service for medical RIs

Service: Fast-track access to instruments for COVID-19 research

Service: COVID19 Metadata Repository & Clinical Trials taskforce

Service: Life science data support for COVID-19 research

Service: COVID-19 services

Service: Rapid testing of binders/inhibitors to viral proteins

Service: Mouse/rat models for research on vaccines and treatments

Service: Priority access to structural biology services for COVID-19 research

Service: Computational services for drug development

Service: Services for COVID-19 Vaccine Developers


Please visit the Lifescience-RI website or the ESFRI-website for a complete and detailed list of all actions taken in the fight against COVID-19.


For any further information on the ECRIN COVID-19 Taskforce please contact ECRIN’s Head of Clinical Operations Unit, Sabine Kläger via mail.

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