Support to prepare for multinational trials

Trial Preparation: Advice & Information

When planning a multinational clinical trial, you need to consider financial, scientific, regulatory and administrative aspects long before you recruit the first patient. It is necessary to access experts and patients at other sites and countries, but complying with local regulations and requirements, sourcing services, and identifying collaborators can be a challenge. ECRIN is here to guide investigators/sponsors, project coordinators and other stakeholders through the different facets of multinational trial organisation.

Before trial start, ECRIN offers advice on:

  • Funding: ECRIN advises on possible sources of funding as well as aspects of the structure of your funding application such as work package architecture, impact, management, governance, consortium composition, and multinational clinical trial management
  • Site mapping and participant recruitment: ECRIN's in-country European correspondents can provide details of investigator sites and networks in their countries that can recruit participants for your study
  • Selection of clinical trial units: European correspondents can provide input on the facilities in their country that have the capacity and services needed for your trial
  • Regulatory and ethical requirements: ECRIN guides you through the necessary steps to meet different requirements in each country
  • Insurance requirements: ECRIN provides information regarding the necessary insurance for multinational clinical trials in different countries
  • Costs: Costs of ECRIN trial management services are calculated by ECRIN to help you prepare your budget

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