ECRIN-On-Board for Funding Applications

As part of its support for trial preparation, ECRIN offers a unique service called “ECRIN-On-Board” (EoB). The goal is to improve the quality of applications for EU funding through early support on the protocol and the logistical/operational aspects of project design.

Similar to traditional ECRIN support, ECRIN’s Scientific Board provides methodological consulting on the protocol, while ECRIN’s European Correspondents advise on issues such as work package organisation. 

EoB At a Glance

What it is: A free advice service provided by ECRIN to help multinational, clinical research projects improve the quality of their applications for multinational funding (e.g., Horizon 2020, E-Rare).

How it works: 

  • The principal investigator (PI) submits a short study synopsis to the European Correspondent in his/her country (using the EoB study synopsis template)
  • ECRIN’s Scientific Board provides methodological consulting
  • ECRIN advises on logistical/operational issues and structural components: work package organisation (particularly in regards to clinical trial organisation), regulatory and ethical issues, insurance, contracting, monitoring, costs, risk and mitigation, trial oversight, site identification and selection, governance, consortium composition, management, etc.

Note: ECRIN-On-Board does not draft the actual application.

Timeline: Synopses should be prepared three to six months before the funding application deadline. Support is generally given within four to six weeks based on pre-defined deadlines.

Eligibility: In general, only investigators from ECRIN Member Countries are eligible to use the ECRIN-On-Board service.

Benefits: Investigators benefit from early collaborative involvement of ECRIN in the application process, taking full advantage of ECRIN’s expertise in multinational trial management.

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EoB support can be provided for any European call for multinational clinical research. Currently, the main opportunity is the Horizon 2020 (H2020) Societal Challenge 1 (SC1) programme on "Health, demographic change and well-being". Another opportunity is E-Rare, the ERA-net for research programmes on rare diseases.
ECRIN-On-Board support is provided for free on a first-come, first-served basis to projects from ECRIN Member Countries. Only projects involving partnerships across multiple countries are considered.
To apply for EoB support, principal investigators (or other interested parties) should send a study synopsis using the EoB template to their local European Correspondent and the ECRIN-On-Board focal point ( The synopsis should be sent several weeks before the application deadline (please contact your local European Correspondent for more information). Synopses submitted to EoB will be dealt with under the strictest confidentiality. (In cases where investigators already have a full protocol, they can submit it along with the study synopsis.)
Pending endorsement of the synopsis by ECRIN, a methodologist from the ECRIN Scientific Board will be assigned to each study for independent review. The methodologist will assess the synopsis and will provide recommendations. In parallel, consulting on operational and logistical aspects, as well as advice on the application, will be given for free by the European Correspondents and the ECRIN Core Team. The methodological review (and operational/logistical assessment) will be completed several weeks before the Call deadline, allowing investigators sufficient time to modify their projects if necessary.