Access & Cost Policy

ECRIN member and observer countries can benefit from the full range of ECRIN services for multinational trial preparation, protocol evaluation and/or trial management.

Advice and information are provided for free by the ECRIN core team and European correspondents. Trial management services are provided at not-for-profit rates to projects approved after a scientific evaluation by the ECRIN Scientific Board and a logistical assessment by the European correspondents. The approval procedure takes approximately seven weeks from protocol submission. For more information on the cost of ECRIN support, see below. 

To find out more on conditions of access and/or submit your project, contact your European correspondent and consult the Instructions for Applicants and Check List for Submissions to the ECRIN Scientific Board (eligibility criteria).


As of now, support services are usually reserved for ECRIN member and observer countries, which are either participating or coordinating countries in the multinational trial (minimum of two for support to be granted).

Who to Contact

The first point of contact for ECRIN trial support services is your local European correspondent. If there is no European correspondent for your country, contact the ECRIN core team.

Additional Information on Cost Policy

ECRIN provides advice and information at no charge to academic clinical trial projects involving at least two ECRIN member and observer countries. This includes scientific and logistical assessment of applications for funding by the ECRIN Scientific Board and European correspondents. Additional support may also be provided free of charge for these projects during the start-up phase. 

After trial start-up, specific trial management services may be provided at not-for-profit rates. For more information, please contact your local European correspondent

ECRIN also offers services to industry sponsors at market rates. These activities do not account for more than 20% of the ECRIN portfolio, as described in its Statutes. In such cases, a separate accounting system is used without VAT exemption.